Just Throw it on the Pile

Blogging has been around for centuries. Since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, blogging has been a popular medium for expressing ones passion.




Oops! Well maybe it just feels that way.


I remember way back in the days known as the new millenium, the year was 2004 and I had just stepped foot into one of my first college Journalism classes.. I believe there was an election going on that year and our teacher instructed us to create a blog that would follow along with it.


“What the hell is a blog?” I asked myself internally, because to do so out loud would have been extremely rude and disruptive. Though I am sure the teacher sensed my question because she went on to explain. A blog was much like journalism. You hosted a slice of the internet where you could share information and opinions.


I was intrigued. It was instant journalism. No being assigned stories, no editors to rip your articles to shreds to fit the carefully calculated sliver of space allotted for your work. It sounded like every journalists dream.


And I never blogged again…..


That’s not true exactly. I have started a few blogs here and there. One was dedicated to the horror genre, another to my writing. I even attempted to start a mommy blog. That one only got as far as the header.


Each one fell prey to the same outcome. They drowned in a sea of blogs that constantly  circulate the vast interwebs. Did you know that the internet is 75% blogs? Neither did I because that is a false statistic. I don’t actually know how many blogs are out there. I do know however that mine consistently failed to make the cut.


So here I am with blog #436!


So why am I doing this again? Isn’t there that saying about doing something over and over again expecting different result yadda yadda yadda?


Well I am starting it because, why the hell not? I am really quite good at starting things. I could be a professional starter. It’s the being consistent that gets me every time.


However, I recently listened to Jeff Goins audiobook for Real Artists Don’t Starve and attended one of his webinars discussing the importance of branding for a writer. Both of which taught me about the importance of creating your brand as a writer. One way to do so was to create a blog. So here we are. I also learned that it will more than likely be a slow and steady climb. Consider this my first step up that mountain.


This one may go nowhere. Maybe no one will read it. That will not stop me, because the best thing you can do for yourself is start. There is no right time. The right time is when you are inspired and motivated to do something. I am fully aware of what just happened there. There is no right time, but there is, but there isn’t. I am confident you know what I am saying.

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